The demonstration session at EWSN is typically very well attended and is one of the highlights of the conference. If you are a systems researcher who is bored with producing slides, and you would rather show off great code, working systems, useful tools, crazy flying objects, new platforms, and any other technologies related to EWSN, then the demo session is the place for you! Submissions from industry and universities are encouraged!

In addition to the presentation of your demo, you will be given space to hang a poster and a slot in the "1-minute madness" session. In this session, one person from each accepted demo and poster will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their topic to the full EWSN audience... but you will only have 60 seconds!

Note that EWSN will also host a poster session in parallel with the demos. Please be sure to submit to the most appropriate track.

Demo Submission Instructions: Please submit your demo proposal as a PDF document through Easy Chair. Two-page demo abstracts will appear in the adjunct proceedings distributed at the conference.

Demo proposals must be submitted as a single PDF containing no more than 3 pages. The first two pages should be a draft of what will appear in the adjunct EWSN proceedings while the third page can be used to outline aspects of your demo that should be considered during the evaluation, but will not be published.

Pages 1 and 2. These should describe the system to be demonstrated along with title (beginning with "Demo Abstract:"), authors, affiliations and contact information. The demo proposal must be formatted using the IEEE double-column layout with minimum 10-pt size fonts (available here). Note that upon acceptance, the adjunct proceedings will contain the final version of only these two pages.

Page 3. This page should contain any additional information that will be used only to evaluate your demonstration proposal: it will not be part of the adjunct proceedings. For example, you may detail what you will show during the demo, provide links to additional online material related to your demo, e.g., videos, etc. You may also use this space to outline any special requirements you have for the demonstration, e.g., unusual space needs, exclusive access to a wireless channel, etc. The format of this page is at your discretion.

Detailed Instructions
  • include (short) abstract and conclusion sections; do *not* include index terms and keywords
  • use the double column IEEE template and minimum 10-pt size fonts (here is the template).
    In Latex, set "\documentclass[conference]{IEEEtran}"
  • do not use running headers, footers, or page numbers (this is ensured with the Latex setting; but must be removed manually for the Word template)
  • pre-pend your title by "Demo Abstract:"
  • use standard capitalization rules for titles: all main words must be capitalized
  • put author affiliations immediately under the names at the top, do not add complete affiliation details (addresses, web sites, ...), do not add biography or submission details in the lower left corner
  • all references to online resources must be included in the bibliography at the end

Important Dates

Demo proposal due:December 5, 2011
Acceptance notification:December 15, 2011

All submission deadlines are at 23:59:59 UTC/GMT-11hours (Samoa-Apia time, the last one to change the date on Earth).
See here for computing your local deadline time.

All deadlines are HARD
No extension will be granted

EWSN 2012 Demo Co-Chairs
Amy L. Murphy (FBK-IRST)
Thiemo Voigt